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Matt Pitt’s new attorney seeks youth pastor’s release from Shelby County jail so he can return to congregation

Kent Faulk | kfaulk@al.comBy Kent Faulk 

on August 23, 2013 at 7:33 PM, updated August 23, 2013 at 11:25 PM
Matt pitt mugs.jpgAfter an arrest in 2012, and another on Tuesday night, Aug. 20, 2013, Evangelist Matt Pitt now has plenty of jail mugshots.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Youth pastor Matt Pitt’s new lawyer says he wants to get his client out of the Shelby County Jail on bond, or with electronic monitoring, as soon as possible so Pitt can return to his flock.

“That man has a congregation who needs him,” said Daniel Boman, a Sulligent attorney who also is a state legislator representing portions of Fayette, Lamar and Tuscaloosa counties.

Boman this afternoon, after meeting with Pitt in the Shelby County Jail for the second time in two days, talked about Pitt’s physical condition, his efforts to get a judge to release Pitt from jail, and his claims that the charges against the evangelist in Jefferson County are “fabricated.”

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JeffCo Sheriff Office Fabricates Police Report

Matt Pitt Police Report


In lieu of the reports presented by Al.com and Trussville Tribune, we found it fitting to present some actual evidence in regards to the allegations against Matt Pitt. Below you will find a copy of  police report written over two months ago. The report is a falsified document due to the comments the deputy stated. This is not the first time for harassment by the Jeffeson County Sheriff Department. You will notice that he states that the windows were down on the video and that he did a visual search of the vehicle. Matt Pitt was not even on the scene, nor is there evidence other than false statements. This video, unknowingly captured on the scene, clearly shows that the officer is lying and fabricated the official police report. In the meantime, the other two officers on scene, also listed on the police report, stood by and watched the illegal breaking and entering of the vehicle. This is just one example of the obvious lies stated on the entire fabricated police report. So on Monday, when the Distract Attorneys office opens back up, three warrants will be filed with actual hard evidence on the officers on scene for breaking and entering and violating civil rights.


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The Basement, Matt Pitt, and Law Enforcement, A Second Scandal?

At The Basement, we have the highest respect for law enforcement, security personnel, and military alike. After all, that is why I spent 6 years in the Marine Corp. We work very closely with over 50 local law enforcement personnel throughout multiple departments. We also forged a security program through The Basement that has produced at least 15 police officers and numerous security personnel at major universities like the University of Alabama and Mississippi State and with various other companies. With that said, I have seen enough corruption and harassment, especially of a particular race, in the past couple of years that it more than disgusts me. For the past three weeks, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has tried every angle to attempt to reach Matt Pitt. They have come by The Basement office, our homes, and sent messengers and investigators threatening to swear out warrants for not cooperating. They’ve sent messages through local businessmen to Matt’s staff that the District Attorney’s office is threatening to arrest Matt Pitt if he does not return the Sheriff Deputy badge and Sheriff Deputy ID. Are they even sure he has one still? They’re threatening arrest with zero evidence? This sounds familiar and raises many questions.

Mike Hale

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Why Did Matt Pitt Plead Guilty?

Submitted by Pastor Will Brad Graydon
Matt Pitt Pleads Guilty


When a true shepherd is faced with a decision to either protect himself or his flock, he chooses to protect his flock every time. This is exactly the type of decision that Matt Pitt was faced with when he decided to plead guilty to his charge. So many people have asked,  ”Why did he choose to plead guilty?” It reminds me of how Jesus responded when He was wrongly accused. He could have easily said He was not guilty, but he chose to plead guilty for His flock, you and me. There is no greater love than when a man lays down his life for his friends.
Matt’s lawyers, who were assigned by the same elected county official that helped Matt receive a Jefferson County Deputy’s Badge, started using fear tactics on Matt to get him to plead guilty.

Pastor Excited To See Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream Come True!

- Written by Alabama Youth Pastor Graydon
As a pastor of a youth movement of over 500 students in Blount County, I have to give credit to Matt Pitt for everything he taught me as I served under him at The Basement for eight years. His leadership is passionate and contagious! The vision that he has to change the world will motivate any leader at any level to want to be a part. His leadership has always been matched with character and integrity that are above reproach.

I remember like it was yesterday the smile that Matt had on his face when he was walking back from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office because of the honor that he had just received from some of Birmingham’s top city officials. After years of Matt giving literally everything he had to help the people of this city find hope, it was good to finally see the city officials getting behind him by becoming a fan and supporter of this great movement. As he arrived at the entrance of the Boutwell Auditorium, he showed me and all the others that were around the deputy’s badge that the city officials had just issued him. I was excited to see such a great man of God being honored in his own hometown!

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